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Update for the "Why doesn't chmod work?" section of the FAQ?

The current FAQ has this entry:

  4.15. 	Why doesn't chmod work?

  ntsec will allow UNIX permissions in Windows NT on NTFS file systems.
  This is on by default (a recent change).

  ntea works on NTFS and FAT but it creates a huge, undeletable file on
  FAT filesystems.

  (The ntsec and ntea settings are values for the CYGWIN environment
  variable.  See the Cygwin User's Guide at for more information
  on this variable and its settings.)

  There is no solution at all for Windows 9x.

  If you have an application that requires a certain permission mode on a
  file, you may be able to work around this requirement by modifying the
  application's source code.  For a hint, based on work done by Corinna
  Vinschen for OpenSSH, see this message from the cygwin mailing list:

I think the above really should be revamped.  It doesn't really answer
the question but, instead, goes right into discussing "ntsec" as if the
user will automatically know what this is.  I think the reference to a
2000 mailing list entry could probably be dropped, too.

Anyone care to give this a shot?


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