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Re: rxvt and line-drawing characters

Brian Dessent wrote:

I searched fro and found some references -but all sites that
appear to have the file seem to have went belly up. Anybody got a copy
of this font?

Nope, the cygutils website was relocated to thanks to the generosity of Peter Castro. Not much happening there; it was rendered largely obsolete once I got most of my stuff ported to the cygwin packaging system in (what? 2000?). However, still lives there, at

Strangely, if I set TERM=rxvt-cygwin-native , use luconP as my font , it does NOT matter whether my CYGWIN variable has codepage:oem, codepage:ansi, or neither. The following behaviors are the same:

ascii.exe prints the line draw characters
pstree -G prints garbage

It *could be* due to the fact that pstree uses ncurses, and ascii does not. Checking...

Hmmm. /usr/lib/ncurses/test/ncurses.exe (part of the ncurses-demo package) turns the screen black-on-black when I try to check the line-draw characters. So I can't even tell if ACS chars with ncurses is broken -- first I gotta figure out why the colors are getting scrogged by the test program! Somebody, like the ncurses maintainer, should fix that.

Oh. That'd be me, then. Ooops. I'll try to look into it soon, but PTC.


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