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Re: 1.5.19-4 and gnu make 3.80-1 causes popup console windows from child make processes

I upgraded to 1.5.19-4 yesterday and now notice the following new,
undesirable behavior: empty console windows for child make processes.

I use the FTE editor and run make from it, the make output being
displayed inside an FTE window.  Before upgrading to 1.5.19-4, no
console windows popped up, even when make called child $(MAKE) (which
in turn call child $(MAKE) and so forth).

Now, I get a pop-up console window for make and each child make.  The
output from all of these still goes to FTE, but the empty popup console
windows take focus and are annoying.  This doesn't occur with other
external programs launched by FTE, just make.

I fixed the issue by modifying FTE. When I wrote earlier that I'd tried passing CREATE_NO_WINDOW to the CreateProcess that runs the make, I was wrong. FTE had a huge #if section, and I ended up changing the inactive one. When I added CREATE_NO_WINDOW to the real CreateProcess, make stopped popping up console windows.
(I still don't know why only make seems to do it and why it didn't until I upgraded cygwin. But I think the CreateProcess *should* need to have teh CREATE_NO_WINDOW parameter, and the problem is gone; so, I'm happy!)

I'm also happy I joined the list in time to see the post about CYGWIN=error_start! I've been cussing about cygwin's lack of useful core file for ages (i.e., I can't do gdb core and then bt to see a stack trace with symbols and parameters). Using error_start should help!


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