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Re: Hanging at GetModuleFileName in inside_kernel function

Christopher Faylor wrote:
On Tue, Feb 28, 2006 at 11:10:05AM -0800, Peter Rehley wrote:

It seems like an improvement. It didn't hang, but after about 4000 iterations of the test script it got a segmentation fault. It ran for 12 hours with another configure script in a separate window or about 11 hours and 45 minutes longer than before. This is with the 20060227 snapshot.

Attached is the stackdump.

...which is a stackdump deep within bash itself, pretty far from any
cygwin functions.

Just a point of interest here (maybe). I'm also seeing segfaults, but I'm running ksh (see thread: "shells hang during script execution"). Anyway, I just noticed that the last stack address (which looks bogus), as well as the EBP register value, are the same in the stack traces that both Peter and I posted:

Stack trace:
Frame     Function  Args
0022E848  0022FBFC  (00484660, 00000000, 0009C05C, 0041E1F2)

Leading up to this are all pdksh functions:

40ab39 expand (after call to waitlast)
40a0fa evalstr
40cfa8 comexec

(in Peter's stack trace, these were all bash functions)

It would seem very coincidental for these two crashes not to be related somehow.

Peter, any chance you could maybe list the function names (in bash) that lead up the stack to this? Perhaps there's some common function that is causing this?


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