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Re: problem with starting services in 1.5.19

Attention Chris and Corinna
I narrowd the problem down to one snapshot. The sevices start fine on the 12/27/05
snapshot and don't start on the 12/29/05 snapshot.
I noticed that there were extensive changes by Chris on 12/29 so I have
no idea what change is responsible for this. Maybe you can sort this out.
"Yadin Y. Goldschmidt" wrote in message news:dtv6ou$jdk$
Thank you Corrina for your answer although you did not offer a solution.
The problem is very similar to problems Igor Peschansky and others
had in the past with XP SP1, apparently because of changes made on 01/04 concerning
fhandler_console? I run SP2 but I still have a problem. If I only run one service on
reboot it will start but if I try to run 2 services on reboot one would hang.
From the command line none will start. There is nothing in cron.log
or sshd.log since they don't even start. No I don't run any firewall besides xp
built in firewall and Symantec corporate antivirus. As I said there is no problem at all
with 1.5.18 and I never had any problems before. This is very frustrating.
Were the changes to fhandler_console really necessary?
Any other suggestions? Igor, Larry, Chris?
TIA, Yadin.
"Corinna Vinschen" wrote in message news:20060227104955.GE30238@XXX
On Feb 24 14:56, Yadin Y. Goldschmidt wrote:
I still did not get any response, can someone please help?
Since I received no suggestions I ran strace on cygrunsrv -S cron. I give
the result with 1.5.18 first (cron starts) and 1.5.19 second (cron is not
I only give the end of the strace since the beginning is pretty much the

An strace doesn't help since the most part of the real action happens in an entirely different process and outside of the Cygwin DLL.

The problem is that I'm running services just fine (also on XP SP2) so
I'm not able to reproduce your problem.  Is it possible that there's
some bad interaction with a virus scanner/ firewall software?  Do you
have some meaningful entry in /var/log/cron.log or /var/log/sshd.log?


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