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Re: Perl under cygwin in CPAN problem


sorry, my mailer is stupid and doesn't know how to create
linefeed in UTF-8, however it sends mail in UTF-8 quite
happily ;)


Linda wrote:

> Was trying to load some new packages in CPAN under perl
> in cygwin.  I noticed a problem when it asked for prereqs:

> It wouldn't accept "CR" to terminate the input -- only "LF".

I don't think I get this right.  How do I distinguish between
LF and CR?  Just hitting <ENTER> at the keyboard should do it?

> I tried reloading CPAN -- that pulled up the reconfigure
> dialog for some new parameters -- then I find the same
> problem in the config dialog where CPAN wants all of it's
> parameters (to create a new "~/.cpan/CPAN/").
> I try typing the first param and hitting "LF" and the the
> configure dialogue whips by takin the defaults for all of
> the configure questions.

> At this point, I don't know if it is "cygwin", cygwin-perl
> or something else.  I don't get the same behavior on my
> linux box but the installed packages are not identical.

> Anyone else seeing problems like this or have ideas
> how to find where the problem might be?


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