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RE: Fatal error C1083 when make install prefix...

On 31 January 2006 18:50, Elin Aronsen wrote:

> Hi !
> I sincerely hope you can help me. I am innstalling Geant4 with Microsoft
> Visual .NET 2003 and WIRED on Windows XP operating system. I do not
> understand why in the configuration of the CLHEP library they tell me I
> have a i686-pc-system. 

  So what _do_ you have?  Is it not an intel based system with a Pentium 2 or above cpu?

> May be I chose a wrong compiler. 

  Absolutely you did.  You need the cygwin version of gcc and make.  The error message you list comes from Microsoft's compiler.

> It seems to me
> that I should have a standard C++ giving me in the configuration checking
> for std::stl    yes, but instead I have no. Is this that #include
> <stdlib.h> is obsolete in the folder config of the library on line 12 of
> CLHEP.h.? I tried to change it to #include <stdlib> and using namespace
> std; without success.      

  Attempting to get Visual C and NMAKE to run a posix shell script from a GNU makefile is pretty much bound to fail.

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