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Re: Bash got messed after update

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According to Ismael Valladolid Torres on 1/31/2006 2:49 AM:
> I just installed using setup.exe the readline devel package, and as
> usual some other packages got updated. Later when opening an xterm
> I've noticed some oddities in my bash session, i.e. cwd is `/' instead
> of `~', running `ls --color' gives a strange color to directories, `.' is
> in my path when I'm not putting it there in any of my setup files,
> `/usr/local/bin' is no longer in my path, etc.

Sounds like your installation lost track of where $HOME should be set to,
so it is not picking up any of your setup files, explaining the follow-on
behavior changes.

> All these symptoms even after rebooting.

Rebooting won't rerun postinstall scripts.  It is easiest to explicitly
rerun setup.exe and reinstall the packages (such as bash) that had botched
postinstall runs.  If, after that, you still have problems, the attached
output of cygcheck -svr is essential to us helping you.

> Yes, an xterm window running bash was open, this should not be an
> issue, should it?

Actually, it would be an issue.  Bash can't upgrade itself while bash is
running, which makes all postinstall scripts suspect.  Upgrades work best
when all cygwin processes are halted.

> 2006/01/31 09:42:16 Installing file://C:\cygwin/
> 2006/01/31 09:42:17 io_stream_cygfile: fopen failed 13 Permission denied
> 2006/01/31 09:42:17 Failed to open cygfile:///usr/bin/cygwin1.dll for writing.
> 2006/01/31 09:42:20 Scheduled reboot replacement of file C:\cygwin/bin//cygwin1.dll with C:\cygwin/bin//
> The same as before.

You aren't quite painting an accurate picture - you upgraded more than
just bash; you also picked up an upgrade to cygwin.

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