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RE: Bash got messed after update

On 31 January 2006 09:50, Ismael Valladolid Torres wrote:

> I just installed using setup.exe the readline devel package, and as usual
> some other packages got updated. Later when opening an xterm I've noticed
> some oddities in my bash session, i.e. cwd is `/' instead of `~', running
> `ls --color' gives a strange color to directories, `.' is in my path when
> I'm not putting it there in any of my setup files, `/usr/local/bin' is no
> longer in my path, etc.     
> All these symptoms even after rebooting.
> Checking /var/log/setup.log I see errors related to bash:

  All that detail, but no cygcheck.out.  Sigh.

> Any way to correct this? Would running again the postinstall scripts help?

  It'd be worth a) checking if any postinstall scripts didn't complete (re-run any that don't have .done on the end) b) re-running
setup and just clicking right through so it'll pick up any dependencies it might have missed first time round c) attaching your
cygcheck.out when you post with a problem ...

Can't think of a witty .sigline today....

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