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Re: sshd password authentication results in identity of NT AUTHORITY\SYSTEM

On Jan 30 12:57, Perdue, Dave T.  CIV NAVAIR 5.4.3, Bldg 2035, Rm 205, Cube 200 wrote:
> 	The Cygwin "whoami" command reports the correct username,
> 	however the Window Resource kit "whoami.exe" reports "NT
> 	Authority\SYSTEM" for the username when using a password
> 	authenticated ssh login.  The user's SID is identical, just the
> 	username is different.  I have read responses in the Cygwin mail
> 	lists that indicated that RSA authenticated logins should act
> 	this way (no access to network shares due to incomplete user
> 	impersonation) however it also indicated that password
> 	authentication should provide network share access.  A minimal
> 	installation of Cygwin to support ssh (Cygwin with cygrunsrv and
> 	openssh) shows proper user context switching for Cygwin-1.5.12-1
> 	but fails using Cygwin-1.5.19-4.  I do not have access to
> 	versions 13-17 so I cannot determine at what point full support
> 	of password authentication "broke".

I don't know what's wrong on your machine, but I tried on two different
machines under Windows 2000 and under XP, and the user context switch
works as expected in both cases; a native whoami returns SYSTEM for a
password-less login and the user name for a password login.


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Red Hat

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