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Installation Errors

I'm trying to install Cygwin on a stand alone computer. Here is what I'm doing:
1) Download setup
2) Download everything to a local directory
3) Copy that local directory and setup.exe to a CD
4) Attempted to install from the CD - got errors
5) After installing from CD tried reinstalling some packages from CD - got 
6) Copied the setup.exe and packages to a folder on the target machine, 
cleaned out previous install and attempted a new installation - got errors
7) After the install goes to completion (I tap enter to dismiss all the error 
dialogs), I attempt to run the cygwin x server. I get another error dialog and 
after checking the log file, cygwin could not find fonts. I checked the cygwin 
x server FAQ (Section 8.4) and tried their instructions. The umount command is 
not applicable since there is no "fonts" folder to unmount. I did reinstall 
the entire X package to no avail.

Most of the errors are coming from the post-install scripts. I get an error 
dialog stating that cygpopt-0.dll could not be found.

Any help would be appreciated!

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