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sshd password authentication results in identity of NT AUTHORITY\SYSTEM

Hi all,
	Our facility has been using Cygwin-1.5.12-1 on Windows 2000 with our account home directories on a windows network shared folder using both a local login and an ssh remote system login with no problems.
	I recently tried Cygwin-1.5.18 and 19 and find that the network share account home directories return an access denied when logging in using ssh with password authentication, but a local login works fine.  
	The Cygwin "whoami" command reports the correct username, however the Window Resource kit "whoami.exe" reports "NT Authority\SYSTEM" for the username when using a password authenticated ssh login.  The user's SID is identical, just the username is different.  
	I have read responses in the Cygwin mail lists that indicated that RSA authenticated logins should act this way (no access to network shares due to incomplete user impersonation) however it also indicated that password authentication should provide network share access.  
	A minimal installation of Cygwin to support ssh (Cygwin with cygrunsrv and openssh) shows proper user context switching for Cygwin-1.5.12-1 but fails using Cygwin-1.5.19-4.  
	I do not have access to versions 13-17 so I cannot determine at what point full support of password authentication "broke".  
	Is no access to network shares when using ssh password authentication the intended Cygwin ssh functionality?


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