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Re: 1.5.19: pdksh 5.2.14-3 tab-complete and shell metacharacters

Ugh, top-posting...  Reformatted.

On Mon, 30 Jan 2006, Svend Sorensen wrote:

> On 1/30/06, Igor Peshansky <pechtcha@XX.XXX.XXX> wrote:

<>.  Thanks.

> > On Thu, 26 Jan 2006, Svend Sorensen wrote:
> >
> > > When I use pdksh to expand the name of a file with spaces or other
> > > shell metachars in it, the filename is expanded without escaping the
> > > metacharacters.
> >
> > Thanks for the report.  I've been able to reproduce this.  There's an
> > upstream patch that fixes the issue, and I'm currently working on
> > integrating that and other patches into the build to produce a new
> > release (but no ETA yet).
> >
> > > The pdksh version strings are identical.
> >
> > This is unfortunate.  What is the patchlevel shown for the pdksh
> > package on NetBSD?
> >
> > FWIW, I will include the full list of patches in the README for the
> > new release.
> The NetBSD system I tested has pdksh-5.2.14nb1 installed.  There are
> two patches in pkgsrc, one which removes a Makefile check for pdksh in
> the /etc/shells file, and one which removes a declaration of errorno.
> Other than that, it uses the vanilla pdksh-5.2.14.tar.gz sources.

Hmm, this is extremely surprising, as 5.2.14 doesn't contain any code to
quote shell metacharacters on tab completion.  Are you sure those are
vanilla sources?  I know OpenBSD uses its own CVS repository for PDKSH --
does NetBSD do this too?  Can you compare the tarball with

> I have attached the patches from pkgsrc.

These patches don't seem to do anything interesting.

The next release of PDKSH on Cygwin will be built with a metacharacter
quoting patch (from Debian).  I'd still like to investigate this to see
why it works for you on NetBSD without that patch...
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