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Building binutils - BFD target names


I'm working on a project that requires the use of some
not-supported-by-default target formats (e.g. aout). So I downloaded the
binutils source from the cygwin installer (binutils-20050610-1), configured
and built it like so:
>/usr/src/binutils-20050610-1/configure --enable-targets=all --enable-shared
>  --with-gnu-as --with-gnu-ld

However, the build failed because a macro was redefined somewhere in
gas/config/obj-coff headers - I removed the redifinition and rebuilt, but it
still failed with:
>obj-coff.o: In function `coff_frob_symbol':
>/usr/src/binutils-20050610-1/gas/config/obj-coff.c:1047: undefined
>reference to `_an_external_name'

So, I tried building it with only the formats I need. Tried:

Each and every build fails at [configure-bfd] complaining about the target
name being invalid - except with i386-aout32, where somewhere during the ld
build it says i386-pc-aout32 is invalid =/

I tried looking in /usr/src/binutils-20050610-1/bfd/config.bfd for the
target names (as the error advised), but I couldn't extract anything
meaningful from there.

- What are the target names, or where do I find a listing?
- Is there a way to build with all formats (workaround for the coff error)?
- Am I doing anything wrong?

Muhammad Haggag

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