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Re: can't install rpm

René Berber wrote:
> Tasica Mabaya wrote:
>> I have an quastion regarding RPM instalation. I'm trying to install
>> tinyos on cygwin, and after downloading the neccesary packets I got a
>> message:
>> bash: rpm: command not found
>> I I wanted to install rpm, and I found it on
>> but when I download it I
>> cannot open .tar.tar file. I tried to change to .tar.gz but it doesn't
>> work.
>> Am I on the rght path? Could somebody please help me to install rpm on
>> cygwin?
> No.
> There are two points here:
> 1. You can install the rpm command from the Cygwin distribution, you don't need
> an external package, just use setup.exe and choose "rpm" to install.
> 2. Your original quest, installing tinyos, will probably fail.  I don't know
> what tinyos is but if the rpm package has any compiled code in it, it is
> compiled for a certain operating system and processor, most probably linux/intel
> and will not run under Cygwin/intel.  If the contents are java (code and/or
> jars) then it probably works.
> Why don't you install the Cygwin specific package? (i.e.

I think the OP is probably following the directions on the tinyos download
pages for windows.  It should all work once the official Cygwin version of
rpm is installed using setup.  The rpm packages in question do appear to
be cygwin-specific, so point 2 above does not apply.

If further problems do occur, the appropriate forum to ask for further
advice would be the tinyos help mailing list.

-- Cliff

-- Cliff

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