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Re: New platform independent problem

On Jan 20 19:22, Eli Zaretskii wrote:
> > From: Eric Blake
> > As long as we are editing programs, we might as well teach them to
> > respect a sentinel of -1 without having to resort to adding a
> > nonstandard entry point.
> I don't see how this is better: -1 is an arbitrarily picked value,
> with no relation to any standard.  Why should applications learn about
> it?

FYI, I've applied a rather big patch which reintroduced d_ino and which
tries hard to generate correct (aka "identical to stat(2)") inode numbers
for d_ino on all systems.  This includes a slightly expensive method to
determine inode numbers in a couple of situations(*):

- local NTFS on NT4
- remote NTFS on Win2K
- remote NT4/Win2K NTFS on XP and above.

While I tried to optimize the expensive inode evaluation as much as
possible, a certain slow down in the above situations might have been

For the adventurous of you, try the next developer's snapshot of Cygwin


(*) For the curious, the above situations are determined by the
    OS support of the FileIdBothDirectoryInformation flag in calls
    to NtQueryDirectoryFile.

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