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Re: readline-5.1 && CGDB

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According to Bob Rossi on 1/27/2006 3:08 PM:
> Hi,
> I finally managed to compile CGDB with readline-5.1 statically. I
> compiled against a version of readline that has multibyte turned on, and
> a version with it turned off.
> In both cases I have the same results. CGDB is displayed awkardly in the
> curses window. I have finally discovered that this appears to be a
> LINES/COLS bug. If I connect via putty into the windows machine, and set
> the putty window to be 25/80 LINES/COLUMNS, then all works. Otherwise,
> the terminal is the wrong size.

Can you provide any more details?  How about a simple, reproducible test
case?  Otherwise, you are pretty much debugging this on your own.

> I'm convinced the problem is the call into readline. Is it possible
> there were any changes to readline that would effect this? I'm sure
> other curses apps will notice this problem, so it would be nice to fix
> it before the next readline minor release.

Consider asking upstream, at bug-bash AT gnu DOT org.  I'm not aware of
any cygwin-specific changes, so it would be an upstream change.

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