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Re: Setup and gcc-g++ problems

James McLaughlin wrote:

> Running...
> No package
> /etc/postinstall/

The texmf postinstall script can take quite a long time to run, as it
does a lot of font regeneration stuff.  On the other hand I have seen
reports on the list of it hanging.  I don't know squat about TeX but you
can manually run its postinstall script from a regular bash prompt to
find out what the delay/problem is.  It shouldn't have anything to do
with the other problems you have reported.

>  ^
> /!\  The CYGICONV_2.DLL file is
> ---  linked to missing export
>      CYGWIN1.DLL: _impure_ptr.

This means you've got an older and incompatible version of cygwin1.dll
on your system.  Either you didn't reboot when setup.exe said that it
was necessary, or you have some other software installed that includes
its own cygwin1.dll in the PATH, or something else along these lines

Please read and follow <> for
instructions on how to report problems -- particularly about attaching
the output of cygcheck.

> Anyway, pdflatex keeps crashing (sometimes it freezes,
> sometimes I get a BSOD) - though it may not have
> anything to do with this - and whenever I try to use
> g++, this happens:

A BSOD sounds like a hardware or driver problem.

> g++ -ansi -std=c++98 -pedantic -o mcpre.exe
> mc_pre1.cpp
> g++: installation problem, cannot exec
> '/usr/lib/gcc/i686-pc-cygwin/3.4.4/cc1plus.exe'.
> Function not implemented.

This seems like a symptom of having an ancient cygwin1.dll somewhere in
your PATH.

> Does anyone have any idea re what's going on? I did

Not without more information, i.e. cygcheck.


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