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Re: LD_PRELOAD regression on 1.5.19-4 ? no more loaded library in child process

On Fri, Jan 27, 2006 at 06:31:29PM +0100, Louis Lecaroz wrote:
>First, let met apologize if there were many misunderstanding between
>you & me.  I was really calm when I wrote my previous mail, there was
>no agression but maybe some missing smiley.

Your continued use of exclamation points would really suggest otherwise.  In fact,
you seem even more excited in this message.

>Next for your email address, I understand your concerned, I just copied
>& past it from the changelog & the source code where it was written &
>did not take care of this as these code & so your email address are
>publicly accessible from cvs :( but I understand that robots could use
>it for spamming.

>Looking a little bit better inside & drilling in the issue, here is
>what I found : from cmd.exe ->Start bash -->All environment variables
>from cmd.exe were propaged in bash environment+.profiles one.  -->Start
>"vi sample.txt" from this bash instance ---->A new instance of bash is
>loaded with also all environment variables.  ----->A VIM.exe instance
>is loaded but only with PATH, SYSTEMDRIVE, SYSTEMROOT, WINDIR !!!!!!!!!

Once again, you seem pretty excited.

I don't know why a vi session would start a new version of bash but I
couldn't duplicate this in any way.

Maybe reading will be of some help.


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