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Re: Calling shell script from DOS

On Thu, 26 Jan 2006, Pinaki Mukherjee wrote:

> I have installed Cygwin. I want to invoke a shell
> script from the DOS/Windows command prompt (instead of
> opening Cygwin Window first and calling it from
> there). How can I do this?

In addition to what others said, use "bash -c" instead of "bash" to honor
the shebang ("#!") line.  This would then work for tcsh, ksh, perl,
python, [you name it] scripts, as well as symlinks.  In fact, whenever you
need to invoke a Cygwin program from the DOS prompt, and you don't know if
it's a script, a symlink, or an actual .exe, you can't go wrong with "bash
-c progname".

Adding --login (-l) is optional, but may be useful for scripts that make
assumptions about your environment.
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