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Setup and gcc-g++ problems

I'm not sure if it's considered a breach of forum
etiquette to make a posting concerning problems with
two different pieces of software, but the problems do
seem to be related to each other. I'll begin with the
problems I had when I used setup.exe recently to
update gcc (from 3.4.1 to 3.4.4) and to install some
new stuff, mainly so I could use pdflatex.

I used setup.exe version 2.510.2.2, which was a later
version then the one I'd originally used. As I had
when I first installed Cygwin, I used "Download
Without Installing", then took the packages home to
install on my PC. Everything ran OK until Cygwin Setup
reached 99%. After this, nothing seemed to be
happening for a long time - it just stayed at 99%

No package

Eventually I pressed Cancel, and was given this dialog

|Cygwin Setup           |
|Installation Complete  |
|                       |
|         OK            |

(takes a look at notes) I thought I'd got a complete
set of notes on the problem with me, but it turns out
I haven't recorded when this dialog occurred/occurs:

Error Starting Program
/!\  The CYGICONV_2.DLL file is
---  linked to missing export
     CYGWIN1.DLL: _impure_ptr.


Sorry - it's just that all this happened in December,
but I've been too busy with exams etc to report it
until now, and unfortunately that's one detail I
forgot in the meantime.

Anyway, pdflatex keeps crashing (sometimes it freezes,
sometimes I get a BSOD) - though it may not have
anything to do with this - and whenever I try to use
g++, this happens:

g++ -ansi -std=c++98 -pedantic -o mcpre.exe
g++: installation problem, cannot exec
Function not implemented.

(This is probably where the dialog I mentioned

Does anyone have any idea re what's going on? I did
suggest in a posting a few minutes ago that it might
be because of problems with i686-pc-cygwin on an i586,
but I don't really know.


James McLaughlin.

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