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Native letters in Cygwin zsh

WinXP Pro,
Cygwin.dll 1.5.19
charset cp1250


I am impressed by zsh abilities so I have decided to implement it into
my computer life lately. Despite I am new user there were no problems
with Linux and Solaris environment.

The only problem is with Cygwin and displaying Polish native letters. I
usually use AltGr modifier (right Alt on standard PC keyboard) to have them
typed. And seven of nine Polish native letters are displayed OK. Problem is
with AltGr-S and AltGr-X. Instead of displaying Polish letters I can see
two strange-looking chars (it looks like German 'umlaut' and 'SS') in the
case of normal and capital letters. Similar problem with typing in vi.

There is no problem with it in the case of standard Windows application
(notepad, Word, and so on).

After a few hours spent in 'bindkey', 'stty' and similar stuff I am not
very familiar with, I found out that after running a command 'setopt nozle'
I am able to produce all Polish letters. Of course, I loose all
functionality associated with 'Zsh Line Editor' module as well. What is more,
problem remains in vi editor.

Is there any simpler command to be able to enable Polish letters associated
with AltGr-X and AltGr-S and not to loose all the functionality of 'zle'

I would appreciate any links, commands and advises that help me solve my

Best regards,
Wojciech Pietron

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