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Re: rpcgen question

Eric Blake wrote:
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According to Christian Gagneraud on 1/26/2006 9:41 AM:
I think that the rpcgen from RH comes from the glibc and rpcgen from
cygwin comes from the "stand alone" package "Sun RPC".

My main problem is that i was using -M option (multithread support) -N
option (allow multiple args) and that cygwin version of rpcgen doesn't
support them.

So i can't reuse my current .x file (and some glue code) in cygwin.

Is there a glibc based version of rpcgen that run with cygwin?

Cygwin does not use glibc; instead it is based on newlib. But since newlib and glibc both provide a similar set of functions, it may be possible that the RH rpcgen package can be compiled on cygwin. All I can do is recommend trying it yourself.

Hi Eric,

On GNU/Linux, rpcgen comes from the glibc, so if cygwin is based on newlib, i think it should be hard to build RH's version on cygwin.

Since yesterday, i have made some investigation, and i have found that rpcgen comes from the same package (both on RH and cygwin), but it's a problem of version:
- RH: /* @(#)rpc.h 2.4 89/07/11 4.0 RPCSRC; from 1.9 88/02/08 SMI */
- Cygwin: /* @(#)rpc.h 2.3 88/08/10 4.0 RPCSRC; from 1.9 88/02/08 SMI */

And finaly, i will try to keep the generated code on linux and try to build/use it on cygwin... Don't know if it's a good or bad idea! :(


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