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Re: Where is the Install CD?

big one wrote:

> I want to help my friend without internet connection in installing Cygwin. The only setup program is "setup.exe" (online).
> The official advice: download "release" directory from their mirror. This directory contain 2 versions of source codes and 2 binary / pre-compiled versions of each package. There are more than 250 package.
> I know about GNU license, but can Cygwin team/someone create a complete Cygwin install CD / ISO with 1 version of pre-compiled binary and no source code?

Use setup.exe in "Download only" mode to download the desired packages
and then burn the resulting directory.  You will get one binary version
and no source.

I highly doubt that anyone associated with Cygwin wants anything to do
with the major headache of distributing CDroms, DVDs, or even ISO images
of Cygwin.  It would need constant maintanence and attention to keep it
current, as well as being an additional source of user questions. 
Cygwin was originally distributed as one large file (the "net" release)
and this was a neverending source of headaches, which is why the
individual package system was invented.  Nobody wants to go back to
having a giant image that it out of date every time a single package is
updated.  So I don't see this happening (in any official way) any time


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