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RE: Tcsh .history file growing out of control

I'll give it a try,  but I took it to mean that the history was limited
to 100 events by default.  Which seemed to be the case:

dobrin@tiburon:/home/dobrin> cat .history | wc -l

I'm still a bit worried about tcsh appearing to close but going insane
instead.  But as I said,  this is very rare.  I just hoped someone had
some experience or insight into it. 

Bruce D.

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Sent: Thursday, January 26, 2006 12:39 PM
Subject: Re: Tcsh .history file growing out of control

Bruce Dobrin wrote:
> Hi All,
> This is generally a minor headache,  But routinely for about the last 
> 2 years while running rxvt and tcsh,  I'll have a problem where I 
> can't start a new shell and I'll find that I have a .history file that

> is 4 to
> 5 gig's.  I blow the thing away and all is once again right in the 
> world.  It seems to often correspond with a user ( often myself) 
> having closed a shell that not only doesn't really close but starts 
> spinning out of control, using 100% CPU.  Obviously it is doing 
> something that is filling the history file,  but usually when I notice

> it,  the history file is too big to open or move and I need to solve 
> the problem so I just end up blowing it away.  I think this started 
> cropping up when Cygwin moved from 1.3 to 1.5 and has happened with
every version since.
> I'd like to try just using bash or something else,  but my facility 
> standard for all flavors of UNIX is tcsh and my changing to bash 
> wouldn't help the 1000 other people in the facility that occasionally 
> get burned by this when on their windows boxes.  I hit it a couple of 
> times a month,  most users much less,  but it's been burning us more 
> and more as our users move transparently between windows, Linux and
> I hoped I'd see something crop up on the list,  none of my searches 
> have turned up anything.
> Thanks
> Bruce
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If you set your history file to contain only 1000 events, does that fix
the issue.
from the tcsh man page:

history The first word indicates the number of history events to  save.
               The optional second word (+) indicates the format in
which his-
               tory is printed; if not given,  `%h\t%T\t%R\n'  is  
used.   The
               format  sequences  are  described  below under prompt;
note the
               variable meaning of `%R'.  Set to `100' by default.

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