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Tcsh .history file growing out of control

Hi All,

This is generally a minor headache,  But routinely for about the last 2
years while running rxvt and tcsh,  I'll have a problem where I can't
start a new shell and I'll find that I have a .history file that is 4 to
5 gig's.  I blow the thing away and all is once again right in the
world.  It seems to often correspond with a user ( often myself) having
closed a shell that not only doesn't really close but starts spinning
out of control, using 100% CPU.  Obviously it is doing something that is
filling the history file,  but usually when I notice it,  the history
file is too big to open or move and I need to solve the problem so I
just end up blowing it away.  I think this started cropping up when
Cygwin moved from 1.3 to 1.5 and has happened with every version since.
I'd like to try just using bash or something else,  but my facility
standard for all flavors of UNIX is tcsh and my changing to bash
wouldn't help the 1000 other people in the facility that occasionally
get burned by this when on their windows boxes.  I hit it a couple of
times a month,  most users much less,  but it's been burning us more and
more as our users move transparently between windows, Linux and Irix.

I hoped I'd see something crop up on the list,  none of my searches have
turned up anything.


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