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Warning: Never use M$ files+settings transfer wizard to move a cygwin installation.

      Hi everyone,

  Just a little warning to try and save anyone else from suffering the pain that I am going through.

  I made the terrible mistake of trying to use M$ migwiz.exe to recover my old cygwin installation from a dead machine's drive to a
new one.

  I thought it might be just a simple archiver that would conveniently help move all my stuff across without losing ACLs and so on.

  Unfortunately M$ think they're just soooooooo clever and decided to "add value" to it by having it not just transfer files
verbatim, but if they are shortcut .lnk files it apparently seems to regenerate them from scratch.  Of course, it doesn't actually
regenerate a file that is equivalent to the one that was originally there.

  I now have an massively damaged cygwin installation in which every single softlink has been replaced with a broken .lnk file.  I
can't even begin to imagine how long it's going to take me to repair it, but it isn't going to be fun :-(

Can't think of a witty .sigline today....

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