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Re: cygwin-1.5.19-2: mkdir returns inconsistent errno

> > > This is highly unexpected, does not match linux behaviour (it returns 
> > > and actually breaks git (git clone, creation of pathnames, to be precise).
> >
> > Then git has a bug.  Report it there.  To be portable
> > when making pathnames, you must first check
> > for directory existance rather than relying on an
> > errno of EEXIST to tell you the directory exists.
> How do you do it race-free?

chdir().  If chdir() succeeded, then the directory existed,
regardless of the errno that mkdir() reported.
Take a look at gnulib's mkdir-p.c module:

> No, I don't think it is a bug in git, or in any code which
> expects EEXIST from mkdir in case an entry actually
> just plain does exist.

POSIX does not guarantee EEXIST when calling mkdir()
on an existant directory.  Get used to that - any code
that assumes that mkdir MUST fail with EEXIST is
inherently unportable, according to POSIX.

> Are you sure? Linux 2.6.15. It correctly reports EEXIST
> on /usr and /usr/local and creates /usr/local/dir.
> I'd consider that a bug, if it were otherwise. The reason
> of racing alone if enough.

Maybe the setup was slightly different than I remembered,
Paul Eggert described it here:

In fact, that entire thread is where this mkdir not failing
with EEXIST issue came up.

Eric Blake

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