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Re: updating DB_File in Perl: where would be db.h?

Brian Dessent wrote:

Headers and import libraries are in the -devel package. The main

package just contains the files necessary at runtime, if you intend to
compile things that use the library you need the -devel package.

Thanks -- looked for a -devel package, but was looking in wrong
place (looking in dbX.Y-devel).

Next time use or "cygcheck -p" to search the
contents of packages.

Hmm!  Didn't know about cygcheck -p (or the website), but just
searching on "db.h" returns hits in all of the db packages:

db3.1/db-3.1.17-2 The Sleepycat Berkeley DB Library v3.1
db4.1/db-4.1.25-1 The Sleepycat Berkeley DB Library v4.1
db4.2/db-4.2.52-1 The Sleepycat Berkeley DB Library v4.2
db4.3/db-4.3.28-1 The Sleepycat Berkeley DB Library v4.3 - base package with docs

as well as the libdbX.x-devel packages.  Still might have been scratching
my head for a while puzzling out where they were supposed to be.


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