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Re: Losing key bindings in Bash 3.00.16(14)-release

> Hi Folks,
> Versions:  Windows XP SP2, RXVT 2.7.10, Bash 3.00.16(14)-release, Cygwin 
> DLL 1.5.18.

You might want to consider upgrading.

> Since Bash 3.x became the default version installed with Cygwin, on my 
> system, Bash inexplicably loses the command line edit bindings.  This 
> usually happens when a window has been open for a day or more and I've 
> done alot of work in it.

Odd; I've never seen this.  You may want to try the experimental
bash 3.1 to see if the problem has been addressed by upstream
fixes (bash 3.1/readline 5.1 added new features that make
bindings track terminal settings better, but ^A and ^E aren't
usually set to terminal control characters).  If you could come
up with something a little more definitive to reproducing this,
it would be a great help in the debugging effort.

> The problem shows itself when I press Ctrl-A or Ctrl-E or other command 
> line editing keys, and instead of going to the start or the end of the 
> line, I see "^A" or "^E" in the command line at the cursor position.
> (I have Bash 3.00.14(1)-release on a Fedora Linux system and haven't 
> noticed this behavior.)
> I haven't discovered how to restore editing bindings to the BASH command 
> line other than closing the RXVT window and re-opening it.

The readline command re-read-init-file (by default, bound to
the sequence Ctrl-x Ctrl-r) will restore the bindings in your
~/.inputrc without having to close and reopen your terminal.

Eric Blake
volunteer cygwin bash/readline maintainer

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