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Re: Shell (bash, (pd)ksh, zsh, /not/ ash) + exec + here-doc +redirect == trouble!

> You might want to quote <<'EOSH', but that's not the cause of your
> problem.  Here's a funny thing:
> #!/bin/bash
> exec 5<&0 /bin/bash <<'EOSH'
> echo "First exec: Done."
> cat
> exec 0<&5
> echo "Second exec: Done."
> exit 0
> works for me.  Don't ask me why, though.  Perhaps Eric will chime in.

Define "works for me".

$ ./ 
First exec: Done.
exec 0<&5
echo "Second exec: Done."
exit 0

Here, the cat uses fd 0 (which is still set to the pipe from the
here-doc), and consumes it by echoing the remainder of
the here-doc to stdout, so that when /bin/bash goes
to read the next line, fd 0 is at EOF, and you never execute
the "exec 0<&5" line in the shell.  Thus, the process never
tries to duplicate fd 5 back to fd 0, and your example no longer
hangs waiting for input from the terminal.  But it doesn't do what
was originally intended (that is, allow /bin/bash to execute
the remainder of the here-doc).

Eric Blake

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