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Re: curses.h (Attn: bash and setup maintainers)

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According to Igor Peshansky on 1/24/2006 7:26 AM:
>>Duly noted; bash-3.1-2 will improve on this situation (whenever I get
>>time to get that working; I'm still struggling with gracefully
>>incorporating upstream patches without wiping them out by rerunning
>>g-b-s prep).
> Does <> make sense?

Yes, but the devil is in the details.  I'm trying to come up with some
sort of generic solution where you add a file
CYGWIN-PATCHES/upstream_patches.lst, whose contents (if the file exists)
is a list of patch files that should be bundled into the patch tarball,
and which should be applied before generating the cygwin-specific diff.
Then, based on the existance of CYGWIN-PATCHES/upstream_patchlist, g-b-s
would generate either a plain foo-1.1-1.patch (no upstream patches
provided), or a tarball foo-1.1-1.patch.tar.bz2 with both the upstream and
cygwin patches.

>>Actually, now that setup.exe has been updated to use /bin/bash and not
>>/bin/sh, the technical reason for me needing two postinstall scripts in
>>the first place has been overcome, so I may just simplify back to a
>>single script that does it all, rather than staging it through a .bat.
> You can't, unfortunately.  Some people may have older versions of
> setup.exe on their systems, and blatantly disregard setup's warning that a
> newer version is available.  Those systems will then fail to install sh
> properly.

OK, I'll stick with backwards compatibility for a while longer.

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