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Re: Errors compiling cdrtools under cygwin 1.5.19

I like this slogan:  "Cygwin: nice, but not reliable".  We should adopt
this, and refer 90% of the mailing list complaints to it. :-)

I am not really sure how to understand the joke.

cygwin worked flawlessly for me for very long time. May be I have been lucky, but this made me develop an attitude of blind trust in cygwin.

Then came this 'getline' problem and what is confusing is not that things broke, but the reaction of the cygwin people.

What I saw is that it is possible that cygwin breaks from one day to the next in critical area, and the reaction will be that everything that breaks is at its own fault.

The problem is that if Apache have not fixed their 'getline' since 2002, it is very likely that they will not fix it soon, if at all. cygwin has quite a marginal place in comparison to all other operating systems they should address, an cygwin should be - due to this - a bit more careful when challenging the word.

At least for me with cygwin is over.


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