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Re: disk space allocation (du, ls et al?)

Baksik, Frederick (NM75) wrote:

the info pages state for these tools:

If none of the above environment variables are set, the block size
currently defaults to 1024 bytes in most contexts, but this number may
change in the future. For `ls' file sizes, the block size defaults to
1 byte.

Er, yeah...though I'm referring to the allocated size.

But my problem is "different" than I thought it was.
I cleared up the network problem (smb block size & allocation roundup)
but on my local disk, it had to do with looking in the "wrong" directory
(my root directory):

in my root directory I have file "boot.bak" that is 253 bytes:
/c> ls -lgG boot.bak
-rw-r----- 1 253 Jun 20  2004 boot.bak

Allocated size (showing 1k instead of 16k) shows:
/c> ls -sS boot.bak
1 boot.bak

I copy it to a subdirectory and it shows the correct size
/c> mkdir newsub; cp boot.bak newsub
/c> ls -s /c/boot.bak /c/newsub/boot.bak
1 /c/boot.bak  16 /c/newsub/boot.bak
^ bad size     ^ correct size

This would appear to be a bug of some sort...

FYI, I just downloaded latest cyg versions last night (so am using
new cygwin.dll).


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