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Re: Errors compiling cdrtools under cygwin 1.5.19

On Tue, Jan 24, 2006 at 10:43:30PM +0100, wrote:
> I used cygwin happily for very long time to compile 
> apache/php/postgresql and enjoy symlinks, and now I am cut-off from one 
> day to the next. The apache folks do not seem to care. The bug I 
> submitted is still without reply -
> Apache 2.x/php 5.x do not want to play on cygwin so far.
> So I am three days in the dark and testing like hell vmware and minigw 
> to save my skin.

I don't understand why you haven't just reverted cygwin to the
previous version (yes, including packages that depend on 1.5.19 - a
brief perusal of the cygwin-announce archives from the release of
1.5.19 onward would show you which packages may fall into this

The cygwin distribution provides access to previous versions
*because* it is known that things break from time to time, whether
due to a problem in or out of cygwin's control.

Additionally, if cygwin is that mission critical to you, you need to
have a testing phase between downloading new versions and putting them
into live production, just like for any other mission critical software.
> Seems this getline() breaks quite a lot and I am not quite sure this is 
> _very_ positive for cygwin. People just get left alone in the dark (no 
> everybody can debug and patch) and the pride of cygwin is somehow self 
> focused.

I don't understand the "self focused" part.  Re: alone in the dark, If
your concerns aren't addressed in the next few months, I think you can
make that claim.

> I would expect such dramatic moves to be done with more care. 

The only care that really could be taken to prevent things like this
is more users testing pre-release versions.  Development snapshots of
cygwin with getline() have been available for a long time now.  Note
that this isn't just addressed to you; if package maintainers heeded
the "release coming soon, please test a snapshot" messages cgf sends
out by testing that their packages build and run with the snapshot,
there'd be less scope for problems.

> Otherwise I could call cygwin nice, but not reliable.

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