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Re: Errors compiling cdrtools under cygwin 1.5.19

This falls into the same category as my previous discussion about
_POSIX_SOURCE.  If a program builds without problem on linux, the goal
is for it to build without problem on cygwin.  It seems like the
unconditional addition of getline to the headers moves us a step back
from that goal.

Is this also valid for Apache 1.3.34?

I think it compiles without problem on Linux, but does not compile on cygwin since getline() was implemented last month.

I do not want to heat the discussion, but getline() in cygwin played very hard against me.

I used cygwin happily for very long time to compile apache/php/postgresql and enjoy symlinks, and now I am cut-off from one day to the next. The apache folks do not seem to care. The bug I submitted is still without reply -

Apache 2.x/php 5.x do not want to play on cygwin so far.

So I am three days in the dark and testing like hell vmware and minigw to save my skin.

Seems this getline() breaks quite a lot and I am not quite sure this is _very_ positive for cygwin. People just get left alone in the dark (no everybody can debug and patch) and the pride of cygwin is somehow self focused. I would expect such dramatic moves to be done with more care. Otherwise I could call cygwin nice, but not reliable.


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