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Errors compiling cdrtools under cygwin 1.5.19

I found out that cygwin 1.5.19 gives some problems when I try to compile cdrtools and cdrdao.
I've just sent an e-mail to Jörg Shilling asking for support, here's what I wrote:

   I've got problems trying to compile 'cdrtools' with new Cygwin
   release 1.5.19
   When I simply call 'make' (without any parameter) I've got a lot of
   errors like this:

   ../include/schily.h:189: error: conflicting types for 'getline'
   /usr/include/sys/stdio.h:31: error: previous declaration of 'getline'
   was here

   I've got this problem both with cdrtools 2.01.01a03 and 2.01.01a04, and
   also with the scsilib of cdrdao 1.2.1.
   I've never had any problem with previous versions of Cygwin, the only
   thing that changed since last time I compiled cdrtools is the
   upgrade of
   the cygwin package from 1.5.18 to 1.5.19.

   Looking at the cygwin website, I discovered that getline implementation
   has just been added to the new release of Cygwin, as you can see here:

   I hope this problem can be easily solved... Anyway, thanks for your
   great work!

This is what he answered:

   Try to convince cygwin to remove their non-conforming interface

   The getline() iterface I use goes back to 1982 and has been used in
   a commercial
   UNIX clone for a long time.


I don't know if cygwin's interface can easily be changed, but considering that Jörg doesn't seem to be willing to modify his code, what do you think that could be done to solve this problem?
I hope that a solution can be found, because cdrdao and cdrtools are really great software...

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