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Re: curses.h

On Tue, 24 Jan 2006, Bob Rossi wrote:

> > In any case, looks like all the postinstall scripts ran for you, so
> > you should be good to go.
> Hi Igor,
> So do you think that I broke CGDB somehow? When I compile and run it on
> Cygwin, it's display in the terminal is not correct. However, if I run a
> pre-compiled older version, it's display is fine.
> I'm going to build an older version today, and see if it still works.

There are multiple possibilities.  Many Cygwin packages have
Cygwin-specific patches to compensate for either upstream non-portability
or Cygwin's idiosyncracies.  It's also possible that you just need to
re-run configure for the newer version, as the old run may not have picked
up the right libraries due to your installation mishap.  Did a clean build
fail for you too?  Do you get the same problems when setting TERM to
something widely used, e.g., "ansi" or "xterm"?  Do you get the same
problem in rxvt?

Alternatively, something may have indeed changed in either CGDB or Cygwin
that caused a bug to manifest.

I think at this point we veered off the original topic of this thread...
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