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Re: HELP: cygwin setup.exe woes...

On Tue, 24 Jan 2006, KevinGPO wrote:

> [snip]
> Now I want to download a complete cygwin (Interpreters, Development,
> etc.) however it won't do that. All I get is 10MB downloaded files.
> Somehow it has remembered my previous downloads... How can I get around
> this? Cygwin never used to do this? or did it??

Heh, if you think these are woes, you should see the complaints about the
"Uncaught Exception"... :-)

Setup is primarily an installer, not a download tool.  As such, it won't
even bother downloading packages that are already installed on the system.
It knows what's installed by looking at /etc/setup/installed.db in your
Cygwin tree.  So, the simplest way to get it to temporarily "forget" what
it has previously downloaded is to rename installed.db while downloading.
Setup should re-create it, but if you only download (and not install)
things, the new copy will be empty and can be replaced by the old.  I
wouldn't recommend actually installing anything with no installed.db, as
it wouldn't be trivial to bring your system to a consistent state

One other thing that seemed weird is you first downloading and then
installing packages.  If all you want is to install things, setup can do
it in one shot (still retaining the cached download directory).
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