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Re: PostgreSQL 8.1.2 crashes diring import...

I see in your previous mail, that your cygserver SHM settings
are already at the maximum. Hope that your have that much RAM/Virtual Memory.

The previous error was an interrupted call error 2, which is not the case
with your problem.
Jason's Problem:
3 [main] postmaster 1144 transport_layer_pipes::connect: lost connection
to cygserver, error = 2
FATAL:  could not create shared memory segment: Interrupted system call
DETAIL:  Failed system call was shmget(key=5432001, size=8970240, 03600).

Your problem:
9 [main] postmaster 656 transport_layer_pipes::connect: lost
connection to cygserver, error = 121

Can you try running cygserver with -d. For testing best started from the
console, not as service. Maybe within a sysbash to have the same

BTW: My cygwin packages 8.06 and 8.1.2 to test against are at
the setup User Url:

I haven't tested yet such a big 3-4GIG import, a huge index might need
more than with 8.0, but the heavy and parallel regressions do all pass
so far.

> Adding to my own message.
> Just found this, which is from two years ago and reflects on the same
> problem -
> This e-mail says that cygserver simply exits upon high load upon
> PostgreSQL.
> This e-mail says that the problem is fixed -
> Could it be that the problem has come back?

Could be but I doubt it.
Reini Urban

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