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Re: ssh starting problems.

> Did you use /usr/bin/ssh-host-config to set up sshd on the Win 2003 server?
> Currently I am running sshd on two such servers and set them up using the
> script. The script should detect that you are using Win 2003 and will ask if
> you want it to create a "sshd_server" user account and assign the privileges it
> needs under Local Security Policy to run properly. The sshd service should then
> be run under this account.

ssh was setup using ssh-host-config and worked correctly. I then
upgraded cygwin by removing it and reinstalling it. In this process
the sshd_server account was not deleted and was not recreated either.
This caused the problems that occured. I just removed the sshd_server
user and then ran ssh-host-config again and all worked as it should.

Thanks for your help!

> Although it's possible to set up/install sshd manually with cygrunsrv, IMHO the
> script is just simpler.
> Cheers,
> Herman

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