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HELP: cygwin setup.exe woes...

I downloaded cygwin (setup.exe) and ran it. I clicked on the "Default" text 
beside Interpreters and it changed to "Install" meaning that I get the full 
Interpreters category to be downloaded. I downloaded without installing. 
Once completed I ran the setup.exe and installed cygwin from local folder. 
Once fully installed, I deleted the temporary downloaded files (which was 
around 100-200MB).

Next day I decided that I needed cvs & cvs-utils so I downloaded cygwin 
(setup.exe) file again. Ran it, but this time selected cvs & cvs-utils from 
the Development category. I left it to download without installing. The 
download took seconds and the files downloaded was only 26MB. Hmm, I then 
installed my new downloaded files and it was successfully.

Hmm, has cygwin remembered what I previously downloaded? How? I deleted all 
temporary downloaded files on my first download (no more setup.ini, or log 
files, etc.). Has it stored the setup.ini somewhere else? or even in 

I delete my temporary downloaded files (1st and 2nd times).

Now I want to download a complete cygwin (Interpreters, Development, etc.) 
however it won't do that. All I get is 10MB downloaded files. Somehow it has 
remembered my previous downloads... How can I get around this? Cygwin never 
used to do this? or did it?? 

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