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Re: apache 1.3.34 can not compile anymore

Brian Dessent wrote:
"" wrote:

Tried to roll back to 1.5.18-1 from the setup.exe, but now I get 10s of
error messages from packages who do not find getline in the cygwin dll.

You would have to also use a previous version of any programs that need getline(). I think this includes findutils and coreutils.

Could anybody help me to compile apache 1.3.34 under cygwin with this
getline change?

I need it compiled because of php and related stuff.

The patch in PR9894 is more or less what you want. It won't apply cleanly to 1.3.34 since it was generated against 1.3.24, but you get the idea.

You could also do something like "#define getline ap_getline" at the top
of each of those three files, but the define would have to come after
stdio.h has been included.


Hi Brian,

thanks for the help.

I submitted a bug at apache -

Now trying to compile apache 2.2.0 and depending on the result I'll try your suggestions as well, though I need something stable and I do not like to dive into patches.

It's kind of shocking situation, but I guess it could not have been avoided.

Thanks again,

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