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Re: apache 1.3.34 can not compile anymore

"" wrote:

> The second one points out that this is apache problem, but I compiled
> apache 1.3.34 tens of times for cygwin in the past months (last compile
> 1-2 months ago) without any problem.

Just because Cygwin changed does not mean it's not an Apache problem. 
Cygwin added an implementation of getline() where there was not one
before.   But Apache's build system makes false assumptions about this
function not existing, so it blindly tries to use its own included
version.  This is the whole point of autoconf, to test for functionality
on the platform and act accordingly.  If Apache tries to use its own
getline() when one exists in the system library then it is broken and
needs to be fixed.

> Could anybody tell me how can I roll back to cygwin 1-5-18, so that I
> can work until this is resolved?

Select the desired version of the cygwin package in setup.exe.

However, by doing this you just exacerbate the problem so that it
continues to exist.  What needs to happen is for users of Apache to
report this deficiency in its build system to the developers so that
future versions of Apache can be fixed.  Consider filing a PR at
<> or posting on their mailing list.


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