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Re: Prompt issue within cygwin

On Mon, 23 Jan 2006, Zach Gelnett wrote:

> Here is what i am seeing:
> v468929@TRD-CAX40JXD ~> >
> the duplicate ">" is the issue.  Here is my PS1:
> \[\033]61;\u@\H\007\u@\H \W>
> as you can see, only a single ">"
> [snip]

You have a bug in your PS1 value.  Bash uses \[ and \] to delimit
non-printable sequences in the prompt.  So, your PS1 should at least be

\[\033]61;\u@\H\007\]\u@\H \W>
Note the closing '\]'.

Also, ESC] doesn't look like a valid ANSI escape sequence What exactly are
you trying to accomplish with your prompt?
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