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RE: "replaced while being copied" - was ... RE: Solved partially by findutils 4.3 - RE: "inode changed", ...

You wrote on Monday, January 23, 2006 4:24 PM:

> On Jan 23 13:34, Jan Schormann wrote:
> > ...
> Thanks.  You didn't reply to my other question, though.  What
> filesystem exactly is on the remote side?  I'm not familar with the
> above combination
> of values.  This doesn't look like any native NTFS system, nor does it
> look like a Samba share, AFAICS.


to be honest, I haven't the faintest. This is a NetApp filer which
is controlled by our IT staff. I will ask them, but I don't really
expect any more concrete information than what you get when you
google for "cifs" (hints I gathered from within our
intranet - cifs=common internet file system, looks like another M$
invention), of which I just can't make any sense apart from this:

The OS is called "Data ONTAP", and it is capable of exporting volumes
as NFS and CIFS at the same time. CIFS volumes can then get NetBIOS
aliases, which seems to be what I see from my client. The documentation
mentions that the volumes on the filer are initially of type "FlexVol",
which seems to be an invention of NetApp.

This is probably not enough to understand what's happening here,
particularly if you haven't got a NetApp filer around for testing.
In that case I'm inclined to give up for now and apologize for the
because I can live without cp'ing exes from the share.

Just to sum up the observations:

- The problem seems to depend on file extensions to some extent,
  as it applies to files with extension ".exe", but not with ".txt".
- It appears in cp, but not in Windoze explorer.
- It appears when cp'ing *from* the share.
- It appears with cygwin dll 1.5.19, but not with 1.5.18.

If you have more test code that I can compile and run on my machine,
I'm happy to do so, but I can very well understand if you don't care
about people who don't even know what file system they are running ;-)


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