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Re: Please assist with details regarding uninstalling [Attn FAQ maintainer]

On 1/23/06, Eric Blake wrote:
> According to Brian Dessent on 1/22/2006 8:56 PM:
> >
> >>A.  How do I tell what services I have installed?
> > Nevertheless, the command "cygrunsrv -L" should give you a list of all
> > installed Cygwin services.  (Note that this -L functionality of
> > cygrunsrv did not exist at the time that the above FAQ entry was
> > written, otherwise it would have been mentioned there.)  If cygrunsrv -L
> > does not list anything, then you probably have nothing to stop or
> > remove.
> We need to get the ideas from this thread into the FAQ on uninstalling
> cygwin.  Also, add a mention that inetd is a potential cygwin service -
> since it can run without the assistance of cygrunsrv, it might not show up
> in 'cygrunsrv -L', but you CAN delete it with 'cygrunsrv --stop inetd;
> cygrunsrv --remove inetd'.

I'll add a new "How Do I Uninstall Cygwin Services?" and then a reference
to it in the uninstall-all FAQ.

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