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Re: can I tell setup.exe NOT to upgrade a specific package from now on?

On Sat, Jan 21, 2006 at 02:54:05PM +0000, Urs Rau wrote:
> I need to keep a version of postgresql server at level 7.x, but now that 8.x
> is out setup.exe suggests an upgrade every single time it runs.
> And one of these days I am going to forget to manually toggle the entry back
> to 'keep' instead of the suggested 'upgrade'.
> Is there any mechanism at all where I can either tell setup.exe to ignore
> future versions of posgresql or else actually be as precise, as to tell it
> that I want to stay at version 7.x for now?

A couple of suggestions:

   Remove the line for postgresql in /etc/setup/installed.db.  Then
setup will no longer think you have it installed, and won't upgrade
it (unless something else you have has postgresql as a dependency).

   Always use a .bat file for upgrading that runs setup twice; once
to download and once to install, with the postgresql directory
renamed during the install phase:

      cd local-package-dir
      .\setup -D
   (now make your package choices and download them)
      cd *%2f*
      ren release\postgresql postgresql-noinst
      cd ..
      .\setup -L
   (now install)
      cd *%2f*
      ren release\postgresql-noinst postgresql
      cd ..

   (AIUI due to a bug in setup.exe, the -D and -L flags won't actually
help at the moment, but they don't hurt either.)


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