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RE: Bug in setup.exe install

Arthur Schwarz wrote:

  One known weakness of setup.exe is when deselecting things with complex
patterns of dependencies.  You might get better results from starting by using
the 'Keep' radio button, to select nothing for installation, and then *adding*
packages you want upgraded.

Setting all options to 'keep' and then setting only gawk to 'install' yields
the following messaging from the 'Warning! Unmet Dependencies Found' page. I
don't believe that any of the listed dependencies are required.
  Package: X-startup-scripts
	  Required by: xorg-x11-base

  Package: Xaw3d
	  Required by: gv

  Package: xorg-x11-etc
	  Required by: xorg-x11-base

  Package: xorg-x11-libs-data
	  Required by: xorg-x11-base

This may be another error in the code. I will try to investigate. The
dependencies mentioned in my first letter were not forced after gawk was
selected for update. This is probably OK and due to setting all entries to

One other point. Setup.exe always works at work, currently a WinXP system, but
in the past, a Win2K system. Setup.exe has not worked for some time at home.
Usually, I copy all downloaded files from work and bring them home. This
includes setup.ini, setup.exe, and all downloaded upgrades. However, when I
download setup.exe (and setup.ini) from the Internet, it still doesn't work. If
memory serves me correctly, when I download setup.exe and packages they still
all fail - but only at home.

I will try to look at the code some more. It appeared to me that in the failure was in the loop which had calls to
md5_one. The loop iterated one time too many (three times instead of two). The
last iteration is the one with 'fullname' having a zero length string. The
first two iterations worked fine.


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