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Re: boost library suggestion (regarding boost::filesystem)

Simon Lam wrote:

> I'd like to suggest that the boost library is built as the gcc-nocygwin
> toolset (which, if I have read the docs correctly, is just an extension
> of the gcc toolset) or make available as a seperate package. The reason
> behind this is that part of the library, boost::filesystem, do not work
> as intended. The library, under the current cygwin build, thinks that
> the native path format is *nix style (/usr/blahblah), but correctly it
> should be windows format (c:\blahblah).

This is the Cygwin project, not the mingw project.  Apps and libraries
are expected to use posix paths (/usr/bin/whatever) and it would be
incorrect for them to try to use native paths.

If you want a Boost that doesn't use posix filenames, then build it
yourself and offer to maintain it for the mingw project.  But that's not
relevant here, because the whole aim of Cygwin is to provide a posix
environment.  All the packages offered in the Cygwin distro use and
expect posix paths.


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